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For info please mail to: telecomm@elcos.net


Redux Capex

  • Gen set, batteries and all, already assembled and ready to start
  • Installation and commissioning in few minuts
  • No need pipes and electrical connection, already done in factory
  • Integrated tank with bunded base
  • System easily improve, Output 48 DC or Output id 48 Dc and 220 Ac
  • Space on site
  • Transportation cost
  • Reduction Batteries Cooling System
  • Redux Opex

  • Design to avoid any manual adjustment
  • Able to work without any maintenance up to 10 Months
  • Engine maintenance interval 2000 Hrs and with kit up to 2000 hrs
  • Cycle Batteries in Sonic with high performance more than 5300 cycle without any performance reduction, able to work up to 60°ambient temperature without cooling
  • Remote system able to report any system alarms, start and stop command. Historical alarm for any report ,consumption, performance etc etc. Remote GSM Modem with satellite position
  • Fuel consumption less of 0,5 lts per KWh
  • Environmental Protection

  • Tank with double bunded base to avoid any leakage
  • Low emission
  • Batteries recyclable 100%

  • For info please mail to: telecomm@elcos.net

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